Homeostasis is the body’s biological instinct for saving energy, fleeing from pain, and avoiding change. Winners break out of it; losers don’t.

I've been working on this book for almost 2 years. It will be released probably by the end of May.
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I've sent the book to a number of people for feedback.
Here's what Mikael Syding (www.mikaelsyding.com), the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade, has to say about it:
"Chances are you’re already familiar with Ludvig’s work through his website. . .
If not, prepare to be amazed. Familiar as I am with his ideas, I still underlined something on almost every page in the book.

I’m often asked what my best advice would be for a young and ambitious person. Well, if you want to be productive and wealthy, yet happy and healthy, this is the book you should read; and the book I wish I had read many times over in high school or college.
Ludvig is succinct and utility oriented. There are literally hundreds of practical tips in Breaking Out of Homeostasis, over 300 according to Ludvig. I don’t expect anybody to consistently follow them all. I do, however, advocate re-reading the book every few years and implementing a handful of them each time, making a few stick with you as a life habit.
The book deals with all the important skills any ambitious person needs to equip himself with to thrive in the modern world; a world for which humans are dangerously maladapted."
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